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  • The Care Continuum Chair™

    The Care Continuum Chair from TPM Research is a new, innovative patient vehicle that transforms the way healthcare providers transport and care for patients.
    Designed to deliver an optimized patient and staff experience, it fills the substantial, previously unserved patient care gap in healthcare at an attractive price point.
  • Flush-to-Floor Footrests

    Flush-to-Floor Footrest during transfer enhances patient safety and may reduce the risk of slips and falls; promotes patient dignity by eliminating the need to lift the patient’s legs onto a wheelchair footrest.
  • Comfort, Ergonomic and Clinically Relevant Patient Benefits

    The Care Continuum Chair delivers multi-situational, clinically appropriate seating positions, as well as the natural Sit to Stand (STS) transfer protocol. It provides an ideal patient transfer from car to ER, from triage to surgery, or from bed to prescribed post-surgery early mobility.
    • Optimized, Clinical Seating Design based on NASA’s research on neutral body position, optimal ergonomics and ideal Grandjean seating angle Weight Shift Technology adjusts body pressure which can minimize pressure points.
    • Weight Shift Technology adjusts body pressure which can minimize pressure points.
    • Lower Center of Gravity provides greater sense of stability, superior comfort, and improved posture.
  • Wide Profile, Raisable Armrests

  • Head, Neck and Spinal Curve Comfort/Stability Engineering

    The Care Continuum Chair helps avoid clinical concerns resulting from poor posture and weight distribution. The head, neck, and spinal curve comfort engineering of the chair delivers a multi-situational, appropriate seating position.
  • Designed for Easy Maneuverability

    • Weight-assisted rear-wheel maneuverability
    • Low resistance wheels
  • Ergonomic Handles

    Ergonomically designed vertical and horizontal handle orientation to maximize operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Additional Features

    • Telescoping IV pole
    • O2 tank support
    • Disinfectant holder
    • Integrated baggage transport
    • Nestable for storage

    Telescoping IV Pole

    O2 Tank Support

    Disinfectant Holder

    Integrated Baggage Transport

    Nestable for Storage

  • Adjustable, Raised Leg Support

  • Powered Assist Lift (PAL)

    Built-in, Powered Assist Lift (PAL) raises the patient’s center of gravity until it’s centered over the legs, mimicking the biomechanics of standing from a seated position.